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These are some official Baha'i websites around the globe:
The Bahá'í World

This official website is hosted by the Baha'i International Community's Office of Public Information from their offices at the United Nations in New York and also Geneva.
A photographic narrative of the life of Bahá’u’lláh, Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’í Faith.
Bahá'í Topics
An information resource presenting topics on the Bahá'í Faith: Central Figures, spiritual truths, the Bahá'í Global Community, & more.
Bahá'í World News Service
The Bahá'í World News Service reports on the activities, projects and events of the worldwide Bahá'í community.
Bahá’í International Community - UN Office
An international NGO that interacts and cooperates with the United Nations and its agencies, with governments, with inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations.
One Country
Newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community. It provides a global, journalistic, perspective on the Bahá'í community, its activities, and its aspirations.
Bahá’í Media Bank
A free interactive online service managed by the Bahá’í International Community. You will find photos of the Bahá’í community, historical figures, events, houses of worship, holy sites, and more.
Closed Doors
A website publicizing the dire situation of the Bahá’ís in Iran to the public and journalists, academics and researchers.
Events / Activities
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devotional gatherings
holy day events
study circles

www.Baha'i.ca is the website of the Baha'i Community of Canada, offering national news and links to most local and regional Baha'i communities, and some events and activities.

Canadian Bahai News Service
news.Bahai.ca is the website of the Canadian Baha'i News Service with information  about  Bahai activities across Canada and information about recent and upcoming events of interest to Baha'is and friends.
www.Bahai.org is the website of the  Baha'i World Centre  in the Holy Land, and offers quick links to the official websites of Baha'i national communities worldwide.
communities globally
Contact Info for the Baha'i Community of Milton is at:   https://search.hipinfo.info/record/MIL0079