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Study Circles - Get Inspired in a Program for Community Improvement and Transformation!

A systematic approach to studying the Bahá'í writings that inspires an attitude of service
The global Bahá'í Community has adopted a systematic approach to studying Bahá'í teachings through Ruhi Institute programs designed to help everyone, whether adherents or friends of our Faith, to better appreciate the fundamental principles of the Bahá'í Faith.

The goal of this type of study is to not only gain a deeper understanding of Scripture and its multiple meanings, but to then find ways to apply
these spiritual insights and principles within acts of service for others, and to improve communities in the process.

Study circles are a place to learn skills and abilities that develop mutual respect and understanding, leading to empowerment and effective consultation. Participants can develop friendships that are a principal part of building better communities and a better world.

How Do They Work?

All Study Circles have 3 components: Group Study, Socializing, and Community Service. A small number of participants come together and work with a facilitator using the materials developed as part of the curriculum.
The role of the facilitator is not to impart knowledge, but to facilitate participation and discussion. Participants discuss selected writings and enjoy mutual exercises. The pace and frequency of the study sessions is determined by the participants.
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Join a Study Circle Today!
Anyone is welcome to join a Bahá'í Study Circle, regardless of their ideas, beliefs, religious affiliation, or cultural background. Study Circles are underway every week.

For more information or to find a study circle in your neighbourhood contact us (information below).
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